Unikey is the most popular, free Vietnamese keyboard for Windows. Once you’ve installed the program và set Vietnamese as your default language in Windows, you can write smoothly in this language.

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With support for text suggestions in Microsoft’s Edge browser, you have the convenience of typing in your chosen language. You can bởi vì this without having khổng lồ engage in complicated, multi-key shortcuts lớn use the accents & special characters found in Vietnamese. If you’re looking for other multilingual keyboards, you can try Google đầu vào Tools or EVkey.

Who created UniKey?

UniKey is an open-source program developed by Pham Kim Long for using a Vietnamese keyboard on a Windows device.

What is UniKey.EXE?

Although some .EXE files may be dangerous, UniKey.EXE is perfectly safe. It’s the executable tệp tin that forms part of the UniKey keyboard phầm mềm on Windows.

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How vị I type in Vietnamese in Windows 10?

Install Vietnamese as a listed language in your device’s settings so that Windows recognises the đầu vào from the UniKey keyboard. Here’s how to vị it in Windows 10:

Press on the Windows start button in the bottom left of your screen or click in the search screen next lớn itStart typing ‘Add a language’When it appears in the tìm kiếm results under ‘Settings’, click on ‘Add a language to lớn this device’Click on ‘Add a language’Start typing ‘Vietnamese’ in the search box, và click on it when it appearsClick on the ‘Next’ button và select the desired option language featureClick ‘Install’

Does UniKey tư vấn the new Microsoft Edge?

UniKey has supported the new Chromium version of Edge for some time. However, the latest update has improved its performance by deleting or changing previous characters with suggested texts by Edge.

A different language

UniKey is a very small, open-source utility, so it doesn’t require many system resources. The only drawback is that it’s not updated very often, so you may have to lớn wait a while for performance issues or other glitches khổng lồ be fixed. Despite that, it’s ideal for writing in Vietnamese thanks khổng lồ the app"s speed, simplicity & reliability.


Title:Unikey 4.3 for WindowsRequirements:Windows 10,Windows 7,Windows 8.1,Windows 8Language:EnglishLicense:FreeDate added:Tuesday, June 29th 2021Author:Pham Kim Long




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