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a trò chơi by Game Freak
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 review are shown
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 302 votes
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The history behind Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu specifically begins back in May of 2018 when it was first announced to lớn the public. At the announcement they stated that this trò chơi was designed for both old fans and new fans alike. This included a majority of the art being anime & three dimensional styled, but keeping the game play similar to that of the older days. The game was released shortly after this announcement, on November 16th, 2018. The game is so popular nowadays that it has actually been ranked as one of the best selling games that the Nintendo Switch platform has ever seen.

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Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu is a newer version of the original Pokemon Yellow đoạn clip game that was once on the GameBoy Color. Although I never had the Yellow version I did have some fun with the xanh version that I also once had for my GameBoy Color. Although this game is different, because it is the first game in the Pokemon series to lớn actually be released for a trang chủ game console. This is a quality feat, especially since it is the seventh generation of the Pokemon clip game series.

Pikachu Run!

As for the chơi game it does truly return lớn that of old as you battle thể hình Leaders, but there is one new spin. When it comes to collecting wild Pokemon, you no longer go through the old battle style. Instead you use the new Pokemon Go technology to capture the wild Pokemon, this is how the two games are connected. You use the joysticks on the Nintendo Switch to lớn throw the Pokeball just like you would on the Pokemon Go đoạn phim game. So what makes this trò chơi special is the fact that it can be connected with the điện thoại game, Pokemon Go. This trò chơi is really the best of both worlds.

Another big difference when it comes lớn these wild Pokemon is the fact that you can see them now! Previously you would just walk through the wild area until text appeared on the screen signifying you hit a Pokemon. Well in this case they save you a lot more time, instead of you spending hours walking through random areas hoping for Pokemon khổng lồ show up.

Catch Your Pokemon

Yet another fun & new feature that has been added to this chơi game is the multiplayer feature. This allows you to play the trò chơi with a friend, sharing the other Joy-Con controller of your Nintendo Switch. This feature essentially doubles your chances of catching a Pokemon, defeating a gym leader, và everything else there is to vị in the game. Plus you get to have a great time with your friends in the process!

The trò chơi has been well liked amongst almost all who have played it, with the average rating for the game being eight stars out of 10 or an equivalent rating on other scales. Based on the game play it is difficult to lớn find something bad to lượt thích about this game. You should definitely go try it out today!


New Twist On An Old GameCombines Two Games Into OneAdds Multiplayer so More Fun For All


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